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My earliest experiences with beading & sewing started with my mother. Whether it was beadwork for dancing or making jewelry to sell, Mom whipped out an inventory sure to impress any store owner. When I was old enough to be trusted with scissors & needles, Mom encouraged me to make necklaces & earrings from her stash of mixed beads. When my older sister came home to visit, she'd teach me how to make clothes from patterns and operate the sewing machine. They were my inspiration and teachers.

As a child, I spent countless days & nights outdoors. Whether it was getting to know nature, lazing on a hot summer day staring at the clouds, or cooling off at night while trying to figure out the stars, my curiosity about these things still exists. I never lost that childhood wonderment; how one leaf differs from all the others, and how long it would take to travel from one star to another. I was named after the first cooling gust of wind before a rainstorm, and I belong to the Thunder clan of my tribe.

I have the heart of an artist and it's expressed through my love of nature and the universe. Life experiences & skills acquired have brought me to this point where I put it down on paper, as they say. I can dabble in arts like the best of them; however, my chosen mode of artistic expression is beading. In this collection, I capture the extraordinary artistry of our natural world from time spent marveling at the Earth & Cosmos. 

Yvette ~ First Wind Creations

Mom & Dad at the Powwow.
Mom Pic in the Woods Blue Filter01 copy.jpg
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